Best Adjustable Slant Boards For Writing: Penmanship Shouldn’t Be A Pain In The Neck

aches and pains

If you write for extended periods of time and find yourself with aches and pains as a result, you may benefit from an adjustable slant board for writing. Helping you achieve better posture while you work, reducing strain on your eyes and minimizing cramping in hands or are all benefits to a slanted board for writing and typing.

Here’s why it works:

link to Posturite Board at amzonThe Science Behind Posturite Board And Ones Just Like It

Posturite Board and other slanted writing surfaces make pain associated with writing and typing far less painful.

Naturally, the body wants to stay upright. This is why doctors encourage good posture; standing upright with your spine as straight as possible puts less strain on the muscles in the back and reduces the pinching of nerves on the spine and tailbone.

When we write, or more often in today’s world, type, we tend to sit in a hunched over position. This puts strain on our neck, back and spinal cord. Our eyes also suffer from eye strain when we write for extended periods of time. We either squint or strain our eyes to see the page far in front of us or we hunch over even further to get closer to the page.

By tilting the surface we write on and lifting it slightly from a flat surface, we give our neck and spine a rest from tilting forward at an uncomfortable angle and we can sit upright in a proper posture for maximum comfort. It is also the best solution for eye strain, bringing the page closer to the writer overall. Finally, a tilted surface reduces shoulder pain by letting the shoulders relax downward rather than hunch uncomfortably.Posturite Board

Product ImagesProduct namesProduct HighlightsPriceRatingPurchase
Posturite Board Standard- Rubber feet ensure stability.
- Magnetic facility on this writing slope.
- Size: 58cm x 46cm.

$$$5/5posturite board standard at amazon
Posturite Board Small- Rubber feet ensure stability
- Magnetic facility on this writing slope.
- Size: 38 cm x 40 cm.
$$$4/5posturite board small at amazon
Posturite Option Pack- Include acrylic book holder, ledger & spare magnet.
- Posturite Board accessories.
$$4/5posturite option pack at amazon

The Fine Print: Why Is A Posturite Writing Slope Incline Board So Special?

The Posturite adjustable slant board for writing was the first product developed by the company and still the most popular. With it’s simple writing slope design and affordability that does not sacrifice premium quality, it is your best choice for better posture and less pain!

  1. Your choice of angles: Choose the one most comfortable to you
    – You can adjust your slant board for angles varying from 18-35 degrees
    – Easy to adjust, you can change the angle whenever you want to suit your needs or the location you are working in
  2. Rubber feet keep your board in place while you work
  3. A strong magnet enables the user to hold papers firmly in place while writing
    – Each board comes with one magnet but you can order more separately as well
  4. Available in two sizes, you decide what works for you. Choose mini or large size slant boards depending on your needs
    – The Mini dimensions are 38(length) X 40(width) centimeters
    – The Large dimensions are 57.5(length) X 44.5(width) centimeters
  5. The Posturite Board has a classic cream and black finish and looks great on any desk


This life-changing product is a available now Amazon, if you are want to purchase the standard ‘large’ size. The mini size board is available on Amazon as well for a price that you will not be able to believe.

For a device that can simultaneously improve pain in your back, shoulders, neck, spine and even head due to eye strain, this price is extremely attractive.

Final Verdict: Eliminate Eye Strain, Aches And Pains Almost Immediately

If you are looking for an affordable and reliable (and drug FREE) alternative to relieve symptoms of writing pain such as eye strain, shoulder tension, spine and lower back strain and even wrist cramping, you need the Posturite slanted writing board.

With adjustable angles, you decide what is most comfortable to you. With rubber feet and a strong magnet to hold papers in place, your board and papers will stay in place the entire time you write. You can even add additional accessories to personalize your Posturite Board such as:
– A book ledger to hold heavier books and documents in place
– A dual purpose book holder that can support books along the top edge of the board so that you can read at eye level
– A keyboard attachment holder – specifically designed for wheelchair users or the visually impaired.

Whatever your ache, pain or strain, get a Posturite adjustable slant board for writing and see them melt away! Be more productive and pain free than ever before.

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What are adjustable slant boards?These slanted surfaces sit on your desk and allow you to work with better posture at a more natural angle.
What are the benefits?Lifting our working surface from the desk puts less pressure on the neck, spine and shoulders. Eye strain can also be reduced.
Which board is our favourite?In our opinion the Posturite Slanted Writing Board, available in various colors and sizes, can’t beaten.