Difference between apple pencil 1 and 2


There are subtle differences between the two. The first major distinction is the battery life. The Apple Pencil 1 has a battery life of 60 minutes while the battery life of the Apple Pencil 2 is a whopping 30 hours and requires only a quick 15-second charge. The second difference between the two versions are the stylus tips. The Apple Pencil 1 has four tips: rubber, plastic, glass and felt tips. The Apple Pencil 2 has six tip options: precision, broad, fine, firm, soft and extra-firm.

The Apple Pencil 2 has a weight of 0.35 oz while the original pencil weighs 0.85 oz. The Apple Pencil 2 is lighter than the original but is still heavier than most fully-loaded pens on the market.

The new features of the second generation of the apple pencil include a tape measure and a ruler for drawing straight lines and creating more precise drawings.

Since the Apple pencil 2 was released, it has been synced to have the eraser in the back of the pencil.

Apple touts the pencil as a “powerful digital instrument” and a “new creative tool for artists.” For the creative set, the $99 pencil is available in 24-karat gold for the same price. (time.com)

Apple’s pencil is extremely precise when combined with the multi-touch display of the 12.3” iPad Pro. The pencil is also pressure-sensitive, which can allow for a diverse range of shading and more finely detailed lines. The older apple pencil model, the pencil 1, has a light touch, so if you aren’t applying much pressure to the screen it won’t register.

Connecting an Apple pencil to an Ipad

  • Insert the Lightning connector into the port
  • Click on the Apple Pencil icon on the toolbar
  • Click on the Pencil in the list that appears
  • Plug Lightning connector into the port
  • Plug cord into the pencil