ASUS Stylus Pen Review: Our Top 3 Picks

Stylus pens are back, and in a big way. Although poorly implemented with PalmPilot and other personal digital assistant (PDA) devices in 1997, today’s touchpad, tablet, and hybrid convertible computers have breathed new life into a once-promising yet unfulfilled concept.

When it comes to touchpads and hybrid computing, ASUS easily ranks among the best in the industry. Whether you’re a sketch artist, an architect, or simply prefer to grade student work digitally for convenience, the ASUS Transformer and Zenbook line of computers’ combination of hardware specifications and excellent software make working a breeze.

However, with so many options on the market, it can be hard to choose the right ASUS laptop stylus pen to maximize your productivity. So instead of just another ASUS pen review, we’re listing our top three choices for popular ASUS-compatible styluses currently available.

Our Top Three Styluses For Asus Products

The Tesha Active Stylus Pen by Tesha > Buy On Amazon

AccuPoint Active Stylus by BoxWave > Buy On Amazon

The Digiroot All-in-One Universal Stylus > Buy On Amazon

In this post we’ll cover some of the ASUS products they’re compatible with and highlight the qualities that set them apart, to help you find the right fit for your needs.

The Tesha Active Stylus Pen by Tesha

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Tesha’s take on the ASUS pen boasts broad device compatibility, claims 1024 pressure levels that range from 10g to 300g, and is powered by the same N-Trig Technology as a genuine ASUS Active Stylus Pen, meaning the lag and offset feel similar to pen on paper. Simply apply less pressure for thinner, lighter lines, and more pressure for thicker lines.

This 1.6oz stylus pen lists compatibility with numerous ASUS products, including two ASUS Transformer models and four ZenBook models. It also works with some Apple and Samsung devices.

The Tesha Active Stylus Pen comes bundled with two pen nibs; one hard and one soft. This provides a more customizable, realistic user experience. What’s more, the conveniently placed right-click and eraser side buttons mean you’ll rarely ever need to put it down.

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The AccuPoint Active Stylus by BoxWave

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Boxwave’s AccuPoint Active Stylus is a very easy to use single-button precision stylus. Its 2mm ultra-fine tip is great for jotting down notes and even doing quick sketches on ASUS’ Transformer Book series.

There’s no pairing required since it’s not a Bluetooth device, however, this also means that it doesn’t support pressure sensitivity or palm rejection.

The AccuPoint Active Stylus has an internal rechargeable battery rated for up to 12 hours of continuous use. An internal battery allows for a solid, brushed-aluminum stylus exterior providing extra comfort and rigidity.

It sits coolly in your hand and is very lightweight at 1.3oz, great for precision work.

The AccuPoint Active Stylus is compatible with various ASUS Transformer, ZenBook, and Vivobook models.

It’s an overall great stylus pen for ASUS laptops, perfect for college students and anyone on the go. Check the price and buy now on Amazon


The Digiroot All-in-One Universal Stylus by Digiroot

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Digiroot’s All-in-One Universal Stylus certainly seems to live up to its name. Customer reviews praise its compatibility with virtually all touch screen cellphones, tablets, laptops/desktop computers, and e-readers.

It’s a great choice for an ASUS laptop stylus.

Despite being under $15, it’s a very responsive passive stylus that works nicely for drawing, taking notes, and even digital painting.

The Universal Stylus weighs in at an ample 2.4oz due to its stainless steel and aluminum body and is a pleasure to use for long stretches thanks to its rubber grip. It comes with three fiber tips and six fine point (2mm) stylus tips, with clear friction discs attached to each. The discs don’t hinder precision work but still protect your screen from potential surface scratches.

The best part? There are no batteries required, no set-up, and no Bluetooth – it’s just as hassle-free as using a regular pen.

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