Heliophobia is a fear of the sun

Heliophobia is the irrational fear of light, specifically sunlight.  The word “helio-” comes from Greek, meaning “sun”, and “-phobia” means fear. As such, heliophobia is defined as an irrational phobia or dread of the sun. Heliophobia is a largely irrational fear. The sun provides life to all on Earth. However, we all understand that the […]

Excoriation disorder

Excoriation Disorder is an obsession with picking at one’s own skin, which can cause permanent disfigurement. This disorder affects both sexes and all races. Skin picking is a common symptom that occurs amongst people with other conditions such as anxiety, depression, stress or Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. It is also often found in combination with eating […]

Trichotillomania Sufferers pull out hair from various body parts

Trichotillomania is a disorder that affects millions of people every year. It is characterized by the urge to pull out some or all of your hair on various parts of your body, usually the eyebrows, eyelashes or scalp. The disorder typically begins during childhood or adolescence and can continue into adulthood. It is more common […]