About Daria Costello

Costello has a background in counseling and education. She is Director of Corporate Relations and IMPACT Projects at UC Davis. Her B.A. is in Psychology, University of California, Los Angeles.

Typography in the 21st Century

Effective typography quietly achieves the goal of being engaging, artistic and unequivocal. If it’s well done, you may not even know how deliberate the placement of type on the page is. If it’s lacking, however, you will certainly notice the negative effects of badly-constructed typography. Beyond being merely ineffective, bad typography can have undesirable, possibly […]

Living with Parkinson’s Disease: Review of Three Assistive Tools

By Daria Costello My grandmother came to live with my family when I was in high school, a few years after my grandfather died. Shortly after that, she was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease, and spent the next several years dealing with increasingly incapacitating tremors, stiffness, and muscle weakness throughout her body. Though her mind remained […]