Stylus Pens With LED Light: SyPen, Streamlight and RAK Multi-Tool

person using tablet with stylus pen

Continuing in the spirit of our reviews on the best waterman fountain pens and ASUS stylus pens, this post goes over our top three picks for the best stylus pen with laser pointer and light functions.

In this post: Our Top Three Stylus Pens with LED Lights

SyPen 3-in-1 Stylus Pen for Style & Functionality > Buy on Amazon

Streamlight 65018 Stylus Penlight for Utilitarians & All-Weather Usage > Buy on Amazon

The RAK Multi-Tool Touchscreen Stylus for Builders & Tinkerers > Buy on Amazon

A Stylus With a Light?

As touch screen devices continue to grow in prevalence and variety, the range of accessories designed to make them easier to use grows exponentially. Some of these — such as edible smartphone cases or screen cleaning mini-robots for tablets — are little more than gimmicky, impractical additions to an already congested market.

However, there are some accessories that genuinely improve the quality of life for a significant number of touch screen users. A good example of this is the touch screen compatible stylus pen, as well as its accessibility-oriented variants.

The stylus with LED light is for special use cases – perhaps you’re operating a tablet in the dark, or taking digital measurements in a poorly lit room. That’s where the stylus with LED light shines (sorry, not sorry!)

Let’s look at what sets them apart from the competition and what makes them ideal for individuals living different lifestyles.

The SyPen 3-in-1 Stylus Pen for Style & Functionality

SyPen Stylus Pen with Light
The SyPen is a lightweight universal stylus pen with an LED flashlight and a few nifty extra features.

Aside from doubling as a pen light, it also functions as a ballpoint pen, with the two functions mounted on opposing sides.

Its light, durable construction and ultra-sensitive rubber tip ensure the SyPen’s functionality and stylus accuracy for over a year’s use.

It’s also one of the most stylish stylus light pens currently on the market, fitting naturally into a business suit’s breast pocket, or even amongst items in a designer purse.

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The Streamlight 65018 Stylus Penlight for Utilitarians & All-Weather Usage

StreamLight Stylus Penlight
Streamlight manufactures universal stylus pens designed for heavy-duty usage.

With its machined aircraft aluminum chassis, knurled non-slip grip, and battery rating of up to 60 hours, the Streamlight 65018 is built to last, and perform well under extreme conditions.

At just over 6 inches in length with an ultra-slim form factor and IPX4 waterproof rating, its portability is unrivaled by conventional flashlights.

The Streamlight 65018’s high-intensity 5mm white LED boasts an ANSI FL1-certified brightness rating of 11 lumens, an effective range of 24 meters, and resistance to drop shocks.

This makes it perfect for use in police stations, correctional facilities, military installations, or underground construction sites.

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The RAK Multi-Tool Touchscreen Stylus for Builders & Tinkerers

RAK Multitool Touchscreen Stylus with Light
Easily the most unique pick on our list, RAK’s MT Stylus integrates an LED light, ruler, flathead & Phillips interchangeable screwdriver, bottle opener, bubble level, and retractable pen into a single universal stylus.

With its military-grade aluminum chassis and a multitude of functions, this stylus pen is perfect for home improvement, blueprint design, carpentry, and electrical work.

The single most impressive feature of the RAK’s MT stylus is how it manages to maintain such a slim and practical form factor while housing so many precision utility instruments.

The retractable pen is refillable to boot, making this an all-purpose stylus pen ideal for years of constant use.

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Do Stylus Pens Work on All Touch Screens?

As with the use of ballpoint or ink pens with different grades of paper (measured via the gsm bond system), it’s important to match your device’s screen size and tactile sensitivity to the correct stylus tip type.

A good rule of thumb is to always use stylus pens designed specifically for your device, or one of the many universal stylus products currently circulating the market.

Which Pen with Light and Stylus Functionalities is Best for You?

As we discussed in our list of best-weighted pens and pencils for people with tremors, which makes a product ideal largely depends on an individual’s own personal circumstances, lifestyle, and intended use cases.

Given the three universal stylus pens listed above are well vetted for product quality and durability by countless user reviews, the final choice simply comes down to preference.