BodiMetrics Performance Monitor Review: 5 in 1 Health and Fitness Tracker

BodiMetrics Performance Monitor displaying the Body Check menu

Our verdict

The BodiMetrics Performance Monitor is an effective and simple to use health monitor for anyone who needs more knowledge about their well-being. An onscreen overview of your vital statistics is available in seconds, and a variety of connectivity options allow you to share data with your physician or coach at ease.

Main FeaturesUseful Extras
• Blood oxygen finger sensor and monitor• Pedometer
• ECG / EKG heart rate monitor• Medication reminder setting
• Systolic blood pressure monitor• Rate pressure product monitor
(check for heartbeat irregularities)
• Body temperature monitor• Bluetooth and USB connectivity
• Heart rate variability score (relaxation mode)• Up to 7 users

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Ease of use

The device is easy to use, making it perfect for tracking the wellbeing of the whole family.

Body check
Following three simple steps, vital signs display onscreen in around twenty seconds:

1) Hold the device with your thumb and middle finger of your right hand.
2) Push the machine against the palm of your left hand and press Body Check.
3) Put your right index finger into the oxygen sensor.

In just a few moments you have reports of your heart rate and heart range, your oxygenation level, your Rate Pressure Product (RPP – used in exercise physiology), and your systolic blood pressure.

Relax me
Relax Me uses a biofeedback mechanism to reduce stress and relax you. This is a unique feature of the BodiMetrics Performance Monitor; a soothing voice instructs you to take deep breaths while you copy the rhythm displayed on the screen.

Temperature check
The built-in temperature probe checks your body temperature using infrared. Just hold the probe against your forehead and wait for the beeps to confirm it has completed.

Pedometer and medication reminders
It’s impressive how many features BodyMetrics have tried to pack into this device. There’s a pedometer for tracking how many steps you’ve taken during the day, helping you hit your daily activity targets.

Another handy bonus is the medication reminder: just enter your dosages, and the device will beep to alert you at a set time. We can see this being useful for the elderly or people with mental health problems like Alzheimer’s and Dementia.

Black tonometer and heart isolated on white


According to the website, the BodiMetrics Performance Tracker has been developed by their medical advisory board to ensure results are accurate and give hospital-quality results. The results are consistent with other fitness tracking devices.

Design and display

The lightweight device sits comfortably in the palm of your hand and weighs about 30z (64g). The HD black and white touch screen comes in at 2.7” and is easy to see in normal lighting. The large icons and text were designed with accessibility for those with visual impairments or mobility issues in mind.

Sharing and connectivity

Download the Android app from the Google Play Store, connect your device to your smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth and you’re ready to go. There’s also an iOS application downloadable from the app store for iPhone users.  All your info is backed up in the cloud on a HIPAA compliant server, meaning all your information is being kept securely.

Just load up the app to share your data with your doctor. Anyone suffering from health-related anxiety such as nosophobia will appreciate the peace of mind this brings.

The device charges via USB, which can be plugged into mains power or into any other USB device such as a computer or laptop.

BodiMetrics Performance Monitor displaying the extra features menu

Buy BodiMetrics Peformance Monitor on Amazon

As seen on TV

BodiMetrics are well established in the fitness tracking industry and the BodiMetrics Performance Monitor has been featured on top TV channels in the USA.

What’s in the box?

  • BodiMetrics Peformance Monitor
  • Lanyard style neck-strap
  • USB cable for charging or connecting to your computer
  • Instruction manual

Purchasing options

Order through Amazon right now and get free shipping, often within two to three days depending on your location.

BodiMetrics have built an impressive machine that offers peace of mind to anyone concerned about their health. The Performance Monitor’s accuracy is comparable to hospital equipment and offers results that can be used by kids, parents, the elderly, and elite athletes alike.

Try the BodiMetrics Performance Monitor and take control of your health.

Buy BodiMetrics Peformance Monitor on Amazon