Anorexia Nervosa Statistics

What is anorexia? Anorexia is a disorder in which those affected compulsively control their food intake and reduce it to a minimum. This leads to extreme weight loss. Anorexia is associated with limited body awareness. Even if those affected have long been underweight, they still feel too fat. Anorexia Nervosa Statistics are easier to calculate today than in the past, as […]

Everything to Know About Substance Abuse Counselor Certification

Substance abuse counselors are professionals that people struggling with alcohol or drug addiction can go to for assessments and therapy. The certification or licensing requirements vary from between states, but most states simply refer to the NAADAC (National Association for Addiction Professionals) Certification Commission. In this post, we’ll go over job growth projections and the […]

Alcohol abuse

“Alcohol abuse” was published on, and is shown here in its original form.  However, this version is designed for W3C, accessibility compliance. Alcohol abuse encompasses a spectrum of unhealthy alcohol drinking behaviors, ranging from binge drinking to alcohol dependence. Alcohol abuse was a psychiatric diagnosis in the DSM-IV, and has been merged with alcohol dependence into alcohol use disorder in the DSM-5.[1][2] Globally, […]