Mate crime

Source: This Article has been Edited for Accessibility Mate crime is a form of crime in which a perpetrator befriends a vulnerable person with the intention of then exploiting the person financially, physically or sexually. “Mate” (British slang for ‘friend’) crime perpetrators take advantage of the isolation and vulnerability of their victim to win their confidence. Research has highlighted common factors in mate crime […]

Biological theories of dyslexia

Source: This Article has been Edited for Accessibility The primary symptoms of dyslexia were first identified by Oswald Berkhan in 1881. The term dyslexia was coined in 1887 by Rudolf Berlin, an ophthalmologist practicing in Stuttgart, Germany. Since then generations of researchers have been investigating what dyslexia is and trying to identify the biological causes. The theories of the etiology of dyslexia have and are evolving with each new […]

Subcortical dementia

Source: This Article has been Edited for Accessibility Subcortical dementia is a type of dementia characterised by slowness of mental processing, forgetfulness, impaired cognition, apathy, and depression. Disorders, such as CADASIL, that result in subcortical dementia have changes that involve primarily the thalamus, basal ganglia, and related brain-stem nuclei with relative sparing of the cerebral cortex. It affects arousal, attention, mood, motivation, language, […]

Gateway Academy, Scottsdale

Source: This Article has been Edited for Accessibility Gateway Academy is a private school in Scottsdale, Arizona. It specializes in the education of students with autism spectrum disorders and other pervasive developmental disorders. Gateway Academy was established in 2005 and offers a private education for students in middle school through 12th grade with a diagnosis on the Autism spectrum. […]

Oakland School (Virginia)

Source: This Article has been Edited for Accessibility Oakland School is a coeducational boarding and day school in Troy, Virginia, specializing in the education of children with dyslexia, difficulties with organization and study skills, or other learning disabilities. The school is ungraded, offering instruction from the early elementary school level through the eighth grade. Margaret G. Shepherd founded Oakland in 1950 as a summer camp and […]

Double deficit (education)

Source: This Article has been Edited for Accessibility The ability to read is believed to depend on two skills: Phonological processing skills make up the ability to identify and manipulate sounds in speech. Rapid automatized naming compose the ability to translate visual information whether of letters, objects or pictures into a phonological code.

Minstead Training Trust

Source: This Article has been Edited for Accessibility The Minstead Training Trust and Furzey Gardens are part of a charitable organisation that provides support for adults with learning disabilities to achieve greater independence and lead meaningful lives as full citizens in society. In 2012, the team from Minstead, together with the garden designer Chris Beardshaw, took the first learning […]

Shared lives

Source: This Article has been Edited for Accessibility Shared Lives, which is also known as Adult Placement in some areas, is a UK form of support and accommodation for adults with need wherein approved individuals or families open their lives to aid older or disabled persons. Over 10,000 Shared Lives carers in the UK provided care to people with […]


Source: This Article has been Edited for Accessibility Monotropism, a typical feature of autism, is when an individual has a restricted range of interests and can only pay attention to what is in his or her attention tunnel. This hypothesis was published in 2005 and was developed by Dinah Murray, a Doctor of Philosophy; Mike Lesser, a mathematician; […]

Deciphering Dyslexia: The Paradox of the Differently-Wired Brain

By Daria Costello Dyslexia has long been a generic term, even a terminological catch-all, encompassing a range of classifications, symptoms, and diagnoses. It’s remarkable how much disparity there is in understanding dyslexia and its causes and treatments, despite having been first identified and labeled by doctors in Europe over a century ago.[i] Generally recognized at its […]