LeapFrog LeapReader Reading & Writing System Review

LeapFrog has been making learning easier and more fun for children since the company was founded in 1995. Recently it took reading and writing education to another level with the innovative LeapFrog LeapReader. The LeapReader pen is a new and improved version of LeapFrog’s Tag Reading System, which used interactive touch-and-talk books to help preschoolers […]

The Department of Education & Learning Disability Funding In The Era of Betsy DeVos

The Trump administration’s culture of unaccountability is no secret to anybody with their eye on the news. Whether it be human rights violations at the border, the transformation of the Supreme Court to a partisan tool of presidential legislation or the rolling back of civil rights for millions of Americans, the current administration’s murky exploits […]

Review Of The Penpower Junior

Penpower Junior is the Chinese expert software that helps you learn Mandarin from a variety of sources including Chinese websites, newspapers, books, magazines and more. Penpower combines learning through award-winning technologies in phrase segmentation, speech recognition, text to speech software and handwriting analysis to give you the very best chances of learning and understanding Mandarin […]

Typography in the 21st Century

Effective typography quietly achieves the goal of being engaging, artistic and unequivocal. If it’s well done, you may not even know how deliberate the placement of type on the page is. If it’s lacking, however, you will certainly notice the negative effects of badly-constructed typography. Beyond being merely ineffective, bad typography can have undesirable, possibly […]

Developmental dysfluency

          This article was published on wikipedia.org, and is shown here in its original form.  However, this version is designed for website accessibility standards.     Developmental dysfluency is considered a normal part of childhood development. About twenty-five percent of children experience some loss in fluency. Symptoms of developmental dysfluency include the […]