Review of Ectaco C-pen Handheld Scanner Tool: 238 languages recognized!

The Ectaco C-Pen is a multilingual handheld OCR Scanner Pen that replaces fixed desktop scanners and makes your life infinitely easier. Scan over 238 languages from foreign books, documents or articles straight to your computer. Phonetic pronunciation of phrases or entire paragraphs helps you speed up your translation of simplified Chinese, Italian, Latin and many more.

Ectaco C-pen is also a great tool if you don’t want to learn a language but just need to scan excerpts ideas straight to your computer and do so quicker and easier than ever.

You can scan from curved, laminated and even patterned surfaces. Can your fixed desktop scanner do that?

Penpower Junior, Ectaco C-Pen & More Learning Tools

Just like the Penpower Junior interactive language learning program, Ectacto C-pen can help you learn any language faster than ever. The reason tools like these work so well is an adaptive feature that learns as you do, helping you master both pronunciation and written language skills in an easy to understand, and even easier to use, format.

Etaco Pen with Latop

Uses For Your Ectaco C-Pen

Scan printed text from virtually any surface directly onto your laptop or desktop computer. With one swift, easy sweep of the device, watch the text instantly appear in any open application on your computer.

Ectaco C-Pen is helpful in penning written documents that require quotes; simply scan the quote you want injected into your document and watch it appear in seconds. Whether for fun or for educational context, scan author’s quotes, word-for-word, with ease. Don’t waste time copying the text out, just drag your C-pen over it and it will appear exactly as it was displayed.

Student’s find Ectaco C-Pen particularly beneficial for studying purposes. Rather than highlighting text and then coming back to scribe those highlighted sections, the ones you want to remember, into your notes: simply scan with Ectaco and have your notes ready in under half the time. Get to studying faster and start memorizing the information you need to learn without wasting your time highlighting and handwriting or typing notes.

Ectaco scanning is also great for learning proper pronunciation of another language, especially when you are just starting out. With Optical Character Recognition (OCR), Ectaco C-pen can scan content into a text-to-speech application so you can read along as you listen to the pronunciation. This helps improve both your reading and verbal skills at once.

For more language understanding, scan important phrases or pieces of language you want to remember into a document that you can return to again and again. Rather than reading and forgetting right away, have all of the most important text in one place to come back and review whenever you have time.


Learn languages faster with Ectaco C-Pen.

With over 238 languages recognized by the device, it would be hard to find a languageEctaco C-Pen can’t adequately scan, help you learn, and perfect.

Some of those languages include the popular to learn romance languages such as Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and French. If you’re trying to master some of the most frequently used Asian dialects, use Ectaco C-Pen to help you learn simplified Chinese Mandarin or Cantonese, Japanese, Korean or Bahasa.

The C-Pen will even help you learn such obscure languages as Latin, Fijian and Bulgarian.

But these are just a handful of the languages the Ectaco C-Pen is compatible with.

Features and Specifications for Ectaco C-Pen

The Ectaco C-Pen measures at 130 X 18 X 32 mm and just 68 grams. It is compact and light enough to be taken anywhere without sacrificing durability and strength.

The handheld size and lightweight materials make it the perfect tool to take on-the-go. Whether you are taking it to work, to study or to practice your language comprehensive outside your home, you can bring it along with you. The entire package, including the charging cord, pack up neatly for your convenience.

An added bonus to it’s portability, a built-in lithium-ion polymer rechargeable battery means you get a full charge that lasts the whole day. Lithium batteries (or lithium-metal batteries) stand apart from other types of batteries because they hold a high charge density, meaning a longer life overall.

Lithium is the most durable and highest voltage producing batteries available. A rechargeable battery is cost effective and environmentally friendly. Eliminate waste and subsequent costs from alternative, non-rechargeable alkaline or zinc-carbon batteries with a rechargeable version.

USB connectivity makes recharging and upgrading the device’s software easy. The USB port is USB 2.0/1.1 compatible. Get a USB charging cable with your purchase of a Ectaco C-Pen 3.0 device

Compatible with Windows and Mac OS X, the C-Pen Core is designed to seamlessly work with multiple applications. Works with Windows XP/SP2, Vista 32/64 bit, Windows 7 32/64 bit, Windows 8 32/64 bit and Mac OS X. It’s also compatible with Android devices.

The device has Plenty of storage, coming ready with 200MB of free disk space. 200MB is more than enough to store ample text and other data while still running quickly and smooth.

The scanning speed that can read up to 15cm per second. What does 15cm per second actually look like? It means that you can scan text at virtually the same speed it takes you to highlight that same text, cutting the time it takes you to perform the same task down to just a fraction of that time.

This is particularly beneficial for professionals in a text-based career, those that requires a lot of translating or scribing. It is also a great feature for students: Compile and review notes faster than ever with a handheld scanner that helps keep you organized and efficient.

Responsive OCR means the pen can even scan different fonts and writing styles. The pen’s Optical Character Recognition means you can scan handwritten notes, unique fonts and smudged or otherwise difficult to make out type.

The ergonomic design suits both right and left hand users without changing a thing. The C-pen is compatible for people who write with either hand and fits comfortably in both without causing uncomfortable cramping after extended use.

All That For How Much?

The Ectaco C-Pen comes in at a respectable price compared to other models on the market. It is a steal for a device that will make such a big impact on the way you scan, write and learn new languages.

Greek Character

Capable Of Helping You Learn Japanese Hiragana, Latin, Greek And More

The Ectaco C-pen has optical character recognition that is capable of recognizing even the most obscure and seemingly difficult to read languages. Learn Greek, Cyrillic character, Japanese hiragana\and even Latin quicker than ever before with this unique scanning and OCR software.

Final Verdict

Use Ectaco C-Pen to help you quote your favorite authors in scholarly writing, scan important legal documents to your desktop, study more efficiently and productively or send information without the tedious task of typing out each word one-by-one.

You can even perfect your pronunciation of new languages by loading text into a text-to-speech application and reading along to hear how certain words are spoken.

Whether you’re trying to learn simplified Chinese, get important information from a document to your computer or just want to have the flexibility to scan on-the-go, Ectaco C-Pen is the product for you at a price you can afford.