Faber-Castell PITT Artist Pen In-Depth Review

example of lettering with Faber Pitt Artist Pen

The PITT Artist Pen by Faber Castell is suitable as an ink pen for technical drawings as well as in the artistic field.

The thin fibre lead enables a precise line, the ink is deep black and opaque, and most importantly the ink dries quickly. In contrast to “real ink”, the ink from the PITT Artist Pen S absorbs into the paper, so the typical “ridge of ink” in the background is missing. When painting with watercolor, this has the effect that individual colors are no longer limited by the ink barrier. Gradients are more even and without hard pigmentation gradations.

The Stroke

The color output of the PITT Artist Pen is balanced and even, so that a consistently rich line without fraying is produced. Due to the thin and rather long fibre tip of the pen, it is very sensitive to pressure, so that the tip is bent slightly or pushed into the metal shaft. The ink is waterproof and lightfast, so the pen is suitable for high-quality and long-lasting work. The PITT Artist Pen is available in different line widths from XS to Brush.


The grip of the PITT Artist Pen is simply cylindrical, a little thinner than the barrel, and has a rough, non-slip surface. The pen itself is light and does not weigh you down, so long periods of writing are not a problem. You can hold it slightly diagonally or perpendicular to the surface and use it to draw or write. Thanks to the completely symmetrical cylindrical shape, the pin can be rotated without restrictions when working. If the lid is closed or attached at the back, the clip prevents the pen from rolling away.


The PITT Artist Pen is made of black plastic except for the lead barrel. The body is shiny, the lid is matt. A clip is attached to the lid, which can secure the pen in pockets during transport and also prevent it from rolling away on sloping surfaces. At the end of the pin, the radius of the shaft is slightly smaller, so that the lid can be attached there when working. This also lengthens the shaft if the pen is to be held further back, and the lid cannot be lost.


The PITT Artist Pen should be stored horizontally. Because the ink dries quickly, the lid should always be closed when not in use. The PITT Artist Pen is a disposable product. Neither lace nor Indian ink can be bought, supplemented or replaced. If a component is damaged, the pen cannot be repaired.

  • Manufacturer & Name: Faber Castell PITT Artist Pen S Black 199 ***
  • Pressure sensitivity: sensitive to excessive pressure, especially from the side.
  • Width variation: Minimal
  • Grip: The grip area of the PITT Artist Pen is simply cylindrical and slightly roughened.
  • Refillable: No
  • Spare parts: No
  • Gimmicks & extras: Clip on the lid
  • Ink qualities: Marker-proof, waterproof
  • Performance:       
    • Behavior on sketch paper: good paint application, depending on the paper can be a little stiff
    • Behavior on 80g / sqm office paper:line frays, the lines become thicker when picking up and takingoff the paper
    • Behavior on watercolor paper: good application of paint, depending on the paper a little stiff, even stroke
    • Behavior on marker paper: good ink application, even line
  • Other: artist ink, lightfast, should be stored horizontally

The PITT Artist Pen S by Faber Castell in Black 199 is an artist ink pen that delivers a precise, thin and reliable line. It is highly recommended for both ink / transparent or watercolor paper. This makes it a suitable alternative to other ink drawing devices, since it does not need the small metal pen. By replacing the metal spring to a fibre lead, the pen fibres do not tear on rough paper and therefore don’t clog. The PITT Artist Pen is equally suitable for detailed drawings, contours or hatching and has become an indispensable companion. The entire range of PITT Artist Pens are of the same high quality.