Best Weighted Pens For Tremors: Let’s Get You Writing Again!

The use of our muscles is something that many of us take for granted. For those afflicted with Parkinson’s Disease or other neurological or physical ailments that cause loss of muscle control and motor functions, finding a way to ease those impacts is invaluable. For many, the use of a weighted pen has proven to successfully reduce tremors and made many impossible to do actions, possible again.

Below is a review of some of the best pens for those with persistent, life-interrupting tremors in the hands. If you are one of these people, your life is about to improve:

The Pencil Grip Heavyweight Pen

For An Essential Tremor: Try A Weighted Pen With Grip

Part of the problem that those with Parkinson’s or other neurological degenerative illnesses face is the issue of gripping a pen or pencil correctly. Others have no problem gripping but have a problem controlling each involuntary essential tremor in their hands while they write.

A weighted pen with a grip – such as The Pencil Grip Heavyweight Pen – solves two problems in one and makes it easier than ever to adequately write.

With an ergonomic design and oversized grip, the pen fits comfortably in both left and right hands. Developed by doctors specifically to reduce hand tremors, it is the best solution for individuals of any stage of their Parkinson’s disease.

Features include:

Added weight: encouraging support from larger muscles in the arm and reducing the burden on smaller and more sensitive muscles, such as those in the hand. The calculated weight also helps the pen naturally rest in the hand, without needing downward pressure for it to successfully write.

The unique grip: The grip shape positions fingers perfectly in the proper, ergonomic positon for gripping. This proper positioning reduces fatigue in hands and further helps the hand muscles to relax. With an easy “R” and “L” labeling where right and left handers must place their fingers, you can’t go wrong.

2.4 ounces and measures 1 X 0.8 X 6 inches

Black ink

Cost: $19.89

Weighted Pen from AliMed

For Advanced Parkinson’s Disease Sufferers

As those with advanced Parkinson’s Disease progress, they start to experience more severe symptoms and may need to prioritize weight over grip position and comfort.

This Weighted Pen from AliMed let’s the user customize the weight that feels best in their hand. The large width pen has room for as much as 5, 10 gram weights to fit comfortably inside of it. Remove or add weight depending on the progression of your tremors or how strong you are feeling that day.

In this way, those with progressively worse symptoms don’t have to continue buying heavier pens; one pen and you’re covered.

Features include:

5, 10 gram weights to customize the weight of your pen: Weight is balanced inside of the device for comfortable writing

Wide, lightweight pen body for a comfortable grip that can be adjusted for weight

Cost: $24.69

The Best Weighted Pencil Option

Some prefer to write with a pencil than a pen. For people with tremors, this can be particularly important because they want the option to erase mistakes. This weighted pencil option is advocated for by National Autism Resources and is a great tool for those with all sorts of conditions that cause tremors and impair writing ability.

Features include:

A Built in comfort grip made of forgiving materials so you can write for hours with no discomfort.

2mm sized lead that reduces the chances of breaking as you write (with 6 refills).

An eraser, for the occasional, or frequent mistake.

Cost: $25.49


Pen & Pencil Weight Kit

For A Customizable Experience

If you’re not sure the look or feel of a weighted pen is right for you, try this Pen & Pencil Weight Kit that can be added to existing pens or pencils you have lying around the house.

Play around with the different options with easy to adjust weights that slide on and off with ease. This way, you don’t have to give up using your favorite writing instrument.

You can position the weights anywhere you want on your writing tool, customizing it for your own personal comfort.

Features include:

6 weights at approximately 1.5 ounces

3 grips that make writing more comfortable than ever

12 O-Rings that secure weights easily on either end of the writing instrument

1 dozen #2 pencils

Cost: $32.89

Choose Which Writing Aids For Degenerative Diseases Works Best For You

Making the decision to use a weighted pen, pencil or other writing aids such as pencil grips can be difficult. Many people often do not want to admit that they need help doing something as routine as writing. Fortunately, all of these options are discrete and customizable enough that no one should feel hesitant to try them.

Even better? All of the options are affordable. Try a weighted pen or other writing instrument and instantly feel more comfortable and relaxed writing. Give it a try and you won’t go back.