Is Noopept the next big thing in brain enhancement?

Since its creation in Russia in 1996, noopept has grown in popularity and is now a mainstream brain enhancing supplement. Anyone who’s looking to get an edge at work, school, gaming or even studying for exams is using Noopept.

It’s an alternative to drugs like Modafinil and Adderall which are used for brain enhancement. Read on to find out the advantages and disadvantages of taking noopept supplements, how it could help with your productivity, and what you can expect from using it.


What is Noopept?

Noopept is a powerful, non-prescription smart drug that’s been proven to improve memory, reasoning ability and focus.

It was developed in Russia and has now become available in the US and around the world. It’s used by many to improve focus, concentration, memory, and mood along with several other effects on the brain.

Noopept is structurally related to the racetam family of compounds, and is the most potent member of the group that can still be purchased without a prescription.

Improve attention span and focus with Noopept

Noopept is one of the strongest nootropics available on the market today, claiming to improve your cognition and concentration level by over 350%! Actually, it is not entirely a marketing exaggeration; noopept improves the focus span and brain activity, while increasing the overall concentration level.

It has effects similar to that of Piracetam but is created using the newer Racetam technology. Noopept has been observed to be 1000 times stronger than Piracetam and 10 times more potent than Aniracetam.

In fact, one study conducted by Russian researchers determined that taking only 20 mg of Noopept supplementation can improve your memory and ability to pay attention for up to 5 hours. This allows individuals without access to prescription drugs like Adderall and Ritalin to benefit from the same type of cognitive enhancements which are used for treating ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder).


Dangers of using Noopept

What are the side effects of using Noopept?

Noopept is known to have few side effects. The most common ones include insomnia, delayed sleep onset, and headaches.

Another possible side effect is an upset stomach. Some people have reported that the compound Diarrhea as well.


How to use Noopept for best results

How much Noopept should you take?

Start with just half a milligram to see if it’s right for you. A few people can’t tolerate Noopept, and some people need more.

Remember, the initial effects start appearing at 2 hours and last up to 6 hours. In general, a recommended dose of Noopept is about 10mg if taken by mouth or 5-10 drops if taken by the intranasal route.


Where can you buy Noopept?

So, you’ve learned a bit about Noopept and how it may be beneficial for you but now you’re wondering where you can buy Noopept. The first question is going to be: will I need a prescription? The answer is no.

The best place for anyone to purchase Noopept is from