Penpower WorldpenScan X Review: More Features Then You Can Shake A Stick At

Penpower WorldpenScan X in box

The Penpower WorldpenScan X is changing the way you work, travel and study! This advanced handheld scanner makes reading, in any language, faster and easier while the device’s extended capabilities make it an invaluable tool to add to your daily routine. Immediately translate and edit in multiple applications or take partial screenshots for translation and other usage.

Uses For Penpower Worldpenscan X Mobile Devices

Learn Traditional Chinese, Japanese And Other Foreign Languages Faster Than Ever

Worldpenscan X instantly scans text from books, documents, newspaper and even screenshots directly onto your Windows PC, Mac or mobile devices, saving you time and energy.

Use Worldpenscan X…

In Traveling

While traveling, it can be difficult to navigate your way around or have an enjoyable experience if you cannot read and comprehend the language of the country you are in. With Worldpenscan, quickly and easily scan menus, printed text or online articles directly onto your mobile device. The device will instantly translate the text for you. It is the fastest way to understand and get around in any country.

In Studying

As a student, one of the most tedious parts of studying is physically gathering all of the relevant materials so that you can read and review them. WorldpenScan X makes that part faster and easier by giving you the tools to instantly scan information you find relevant, as you read, into a document. After you’re done, the hard part is over and you can begin studying all of the information you pulled from the reading and class materials, cutting your time in half.

You can also scan words you’re unfamiliar with directly into an advanced search engine, such as Google, and see the definition appear in front of you without spending time searching for it.

In A Professional Office

If you read, transcribe and scan a lot of information in your office job, the WorldpenScan device can make your life instantly easier. Scan at the same speed you can highlight and see the scanned text instantly appear.

For Important Legal Documents

When dealing with legal matters, having a handheld scanner can make transferring information to a lawyer or other relevant personal faster and easier than ever.

  • With Penpower WorldpenScan X, you can scan text into:
  • Email
  • Powerpoint
  • Microsoft Word
  • iWork
  • Excel
  • Internet Browsers
  • Text-to-Speech applications
  • YouTube
  • Wikipedia

And more.

Scan written text, foreign languages and even text images; with screenshot scanning technology, you can extract a text from a mobile device and upload it to Microsoft Word, Excel, Skype or into any email system.

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Another Feature: Learn Traditional Chinese, Japanese And Other Foreign Languages Faster Than Ever

WorldpenScan X scans text and translates it for you, immediately. This means you can scan Traditional Chinese text, for example, and then easily understand the translated context of the message or writing within seconds.

Convert those messages into texts on a smart phone or computer to converse fluently with someone of virtually any nationality.

The device recognizes French, Spanish, German, Italian, Arabic, Traditional Chinese (of many dialects), Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese many more languages.

Penpower WorldpenScan box contents

Data Transmission WorldpenScan Technical Specs

Enjoy the features of Bluetooth wireless connection on your WorldpenScan to Mac and mobile devices or connect to Windows via USB. Get data transmission at up to a distance of 1-meter.

The handheld tool weights in at a manageable 56 grams and measures 8 X 7.2 X 3.6 inches. It is ideal for portability, suits right and left handed users and even fits comfortably in smaller hands.

The Pen contains a rechargeable lithium polymer battery.

Scan at up to 10 cm per second!

The WorldpenScan X is available for a steal for a product with so many uses and such great usability.

The Bottom Line

The Penpower WorldpenScan X will instantly improve the way you translate, scan information and learn about the world around you. Scan ISBN codes on books to learn more about them, scan unfamiliar words to read their definition and usage and scan foreign languages right to your mobile or desktop device at the speed you can highlight a sentence. All this, for a reasonable price.

This device is certainly worth your purchase for an easier professional, travel and academic career. Get yours and start expanding your world today.

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