Review Of The Penpower Junior

Learning Chinese

Penpower Junior is the Chinese expert software that helps you learn Mandarin from a variety of sources including Chinese websites, newspapers, books, magazines and more. Penpower combines learning through award-winning technologies in phrase segmentation, speech recognition, text to speech software and handwriting analysis to give you the very best chances of learning and understanding Mandarin Chinese.

Penpower Junior

The Penpower Junior Difference: The Best Way To Learn A Language

The difference between Penpower Junior and other language learning tools is that it eliminates the need for normal learning devices such as CDs and DVDs that are not interactive or adaptive.

Penpower JR, in comparison, trains your listening comprehension with clearly pronounced text, trains your speech with a combination of instant speech recognition feedback and oral exams, and trains your character recognition with handwriting recognition. These intuitive software programs help you to both master and put into practice your language skills as quickly as possible.

Another benefit of Penpower Jr is the facilitated user community in which you can share with others. Combine your recordings, translations and any notes into a file database to be shared with your fellow students. Learn from them or help teach others in a way other language programs do not provide.

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Simplified Chinese For Any User

Penpower is the simplified Chinese learning tool that will make learning fun and easy. Some studies suggest that Mandarin Chinese will be just as common as the English language in just a few short years.

Learning Chinese has never been as enjoyable and rewarding. Whether you are just starting to learn Mandarin or are purchasing the tool to practice and perfect your written and speaking skills, Penpower Junior will help you accomplish it in record time.

Penpower tool

Penpower Chinese Expert: The Fine Print on Cost

As far as language programs go, the Penpower Chinese Expert tool is competitively priced on Amazon. What other language program offers you intuitive, interactive and effective language immersion for a price that affordable?


Happy customers on Amazon cite an overall 4.1 star out of 5 star rating for the penpower jr Chinese language tool.

Here are just some of the rave reviews:

“It is the best tool for those who are learning Chinese and a must have for those who wants to write Chinese on your computer. It has helped me increase my Chinese vocabulary by leaps and bounds. It is very easy to install and works within minutes.” – Lawrence, An Intuitive Way To Learn And Write Chinese, 5 star Amazon Review

“I purchased this based on my other Chinese friends’ recommendation. The installation is very easy, and the unit works very well. I didn’t have any problem with it.” – Tina, Works really well, no complaints, 5 star Amazon Review

“I’ve been wanting technology like this for years. It’s terrific – one doesn’t even need to write carefully for recognition.” – S.K. Psarras, Easy, Effective, 5 Star Amazon Review

User Experience

A sleek, modern interface enables an easy-to-use, easy-to-read software that makes getting used to the tool fast and undeniably intuitive.

Penpower Junior is made of durable materials to ensure a long-lasting product but, weighing in at just 9.6 ounces and measuring 9 X 7 X 3 inches, it is still portable. Take your lessons on the go, wherever is convenient.


Order through Amazon and get free shipping, along with fast delivery, often between five and eight days.

Amazon offers free shipping on Amazon orders if you order a certain amount. At the price it is currently being sold for, Penpower qualifies as a free shipping item, making it even more desirable.

Try Penpower Junior to immerse yourself in a language program that will have you speaking, understanding and even writing Mandarin Chinese quickly and effectively. You have never experienced a way to learn Asian languages as intuitive and successfully as Penpower. Try it and see how well it can work for you.

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