Sominphobia: A real-life nightmare

Somniphobia is the fear of dreams and can also be known as sleep anxiety.

Though there are different kinds and levels, it can be said that somniphobia refers to a generalized dislike or fear of dreaming. This can lead to either an inability to sleep or insomnia when attempting to fall asleep.

It has been speculated that somniphobia is in some way related to humankind’s fear of death. Since dreams are a type of hallucination, we can say they are ‘hallucinations about dying’. Because this state has been given a name and defined, it may be difficult for humans to accept – just like nosophobia or agoraphobia. They see their own dreams as something bad, something that should not exist.

Of course, there are other possible explanations.

Because dreams are a type of hallucination, they share some characteristics with magic and sorcery. Since humans have an aversion to things like magic that are related to death, it is possible that somniphobia has its origins in this fear.

Another is that the fear of death leads to a dislike of dreams. Dreams, like hypnosis, can lead people to do things they normally would not do in their waking states. Because humans have already experienced being led by others and receiving stimuli from others via hypnotism or magic tricks, this may be related.

It is also possible that the fear of dreams comes from a dislike for death. In this case, it would stem not from a dislike of one’s own death but rather an aversion to the passing away of others.

There are also several points of view regarding the reason for humans as a group having somniphobia.

One is that it comes from an evolutionary process in which people who disliked dreaming survived, while those who enjoyed them gradually died out. Another is that dreams have been used to help humans survive and so, because they were useful when thinking about surviving, they became accepted.